Why check your emails

por qué debes verificar correo electronico

In this article you will learn why you should verify your emails to have quality new leads captured for your marketing database or CRM.

If you work in lead generation or marketing, your main concern is the generation of new leads. A lead is a person interested in your products/services. Rarely do customers know about your services and buy. Most of the time there is a process of getting to know each other before a sale is closed. This cycle can vary from weeks to years depending on the type of product.

You don’t have to be a genius to see that, if we can’t contact the lead, we lose a potential sales opportunity.

Why check email

Depending on how we capture leads, errors may occur during registration. If we capture leads at a trade show, the salesperson may make a mistake when registering the email. Other times it is the user himself who enters his data incorrectly in the registration forms, especially on mobile devices. The customer may not want to give his data and may register with a non-existent email address… There are many cases, but all of them are solved by verifying the email address during the registration process. Validating the email is simple and avoids introducing invalid leads in our database.

Another more obscure motive is to avoid mail injections. If our forms are not protected with anti-bot systems or we do not usedouble opt-in, someone can inject fake addresses into our registration forms. It can also introduce spam-trap-mail degrading the deliverability of our mailings and may even completely block their delivery.

A well-known retailer hired us because they had unprotected registration forms. For months he received the injection of mails. Initially, it only consumed resources. By sending to invalid addresses, but the mails were evolving into spam-trap-mails reducing the deliverability of your email marketing campaigns by 40%. Reputation recovery took 3 weeks with the consequent cost in resources and lost sales. Using an email verification service like Verificaremails would have solved this problem easily and effectively.

How to verify email address

There are 2 methods to validate email. One applies to existing databases and is based on file-based verification or integrations with applications. The second is based on the use of the API and is used in real-time logging systems.

How to validate email using files

If you already have the emails of your leads and you want to know if they are valid you can use a file with these emails and load it in our Web tool to verify email. In a few minutes it performs more than 25 tests for each email address allowing to know if the captured email is valid and if not, to know the reason why.

It is not the same thing that the email was unsubscribed when the email account was closed, as sending campaigns to spam trap addresses. The first is normal as people change jobs and their email accounts are closed. The second case may be a clear indicator of a security breach and is an indicator that we should pay more attention to our recruitment methods.

At Verificaremails we have specific integrations with third party applications to be able to use our service without having to do any development. If you work with an email marketing platform such as MailChimp or SalesForce you can use our integration to verify your emails natively in these tools.

How to validate email with API

If what we want is to validate email in our Web registration forms, in the POS of a store or any other electronic device, we can use the API. Through a Rest call we can connect our registration forms to the real-time mail verification system. Before registering a new email, we can find out if it exists without having to send an email.

We may notify the user if he/she has made a mistake when registering before submitting his/her data and correct it before clicking the register button. This entire process is completely transparent to the user.

How much does it cost to validate an email

The cost of email validation depends on the volume of verifications. The more verifications you perform, the more economical the unit cost per verification. On the web site of verificaremails.com you can see the prices of validating an email.

The cost ranges from  0.005€/mails for small volumes to 0.00078€/mail. The interesting thing about the way we handle mail validations is that you only pay for what you consume. We have no setup fee or monthly charges. You can buy as many packs as you want, accumulating their value. The larger the pack, the lower the validation price.

Email validation packs are valid for one year. But if you renew before one year, the unused mails are accumulated.

If you consider that the cost of validating emails is expensive, I recommend the article Why should you verify the email of your new customers?

How Verificaremails works

In order to validate an email effectively, we perform more than 25 tests for each email address. They range from the most basic, such as checking the correct syntax of e-mails. Even simulate a deep connection via MTA.

In order to be effective and prevent ISPs from blocking verifications, we use thousands of different IPS.


Email validation test


Other interesting elements of the verification process is the checking of emails against known “spam trap mails” lists.  You can see the details of the email validation features on the home page of our Web site.

Complementary services to check email

Verifying email addresses is the first step in building a quality database, but there are other elements that must be taken into account when capturing new leads.

Verify phone numbers

The omnipresence of cell phones in our lives is indisputable. If we have a valid phone number, we can send SMS campaigns, WhatsApp messages, telemarketing… If during the lead generation process we do not correctly capture the phone number all our efforts in lead generation are irrelevant.

In Verify Emails we have created a service to validate phone numbers.

Through an API and in real time you can know if a phone is valid during the registration process. Before the user submits the data in the Web form, at a POS or by registering the customer in a CRM. We can verify phone numbers, avoiding registration errors.

In addition to validating the phone number, we provide information about the operator, country and type of number (landline or mobile).

verify phone number

Validation of first and last names

Another very interesting point is the validation of names and surnames. This service allows us to know if the first and last names of the users we have in our database are spelled correctly. In a world where every message counts and strengthens your company’s brand, addressing your user by name is key. Think about how you would feel if a company approached you with a mistake in your first or last name. It may come as a surprise but it is not uncommon for large companies to have their name records with errors.

First name and last name validation services work through an API. In addition to validating each name, we can also obtain information about the country, the language of the name… All these data help you to get to know your user better.

Another very interesting feature of the API is the validation of names and surnames is the auto-completion. By typing the first letters of the first or last name we can suggest a list of first and last names, facilitating auto-completion and reducing errors.

In an environment where the acquisition must be very agile or on mobile devices, the name validation function is really useful. You can find more information in the section“Service to validate names and surnames“.

As you can see, there are a multitude of services for the verification of e-mails, names, telephone numbers… If you have doubts about how to apply them in your company. Contact us and we will show you use cases from different sectors, where validation has substantially improved the database.


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