Service to validate names, last names and Gender detection

With our service to validate names, surnames and gender detection, you will be able to rectify erroneous records in your database and use the autocomplete function in the forms and avoid errors during the registration process.

You can use our service to validate names via API.

We give you credits to evaluate our solutions

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Why verify names and surnames with us?

Easy and Intuitive

Via API Rest or Web portal

Used by +3500

Companies Worldwide

100% accuracy

Guaranteed Reliability

Over 350 Million Names and Surnames Verified

Service to validate names and surnames

Through our API or by using our web portal, you can reliably verify the veracity of a first and last name.

Our name and surname verification service allows you to know in real time the veracity of a name or surname, as well as the gender of the names. The countries where they originate and are most widely used.

Verifies in real time the authenticity of names and surnames during the registration process. You can also validate names and surnames in your databases and applications to improve the quality of your campaigns.

Why validate first and last names?

By validating the names, surnames and gender of your contacts, you ensure the accuracy and correctness of your customers’ data.

Address your customers by their correct first and last name. You will be able to create an extended profile by adjusting your messages and promotions to the gender of your audience. You will also get information on the countries where this name is most used, expanding the information of your leads.

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How we validate first names, last names and detect gender

We use artificial intelligence to identify first and last names against an extensive database of over 500 million records. Using parameters such as country, to determine which name best suits each user.

Our system is prepared to validate names and surnames in different languages and for more than 105 countries.

Comprehensive information

Get information on gender, country and a percentage of reliability of the validation.

Data comparison

We accurately identify the fictitious names injected into your system.

White label

Use our API and validate names and surnames using your company brand.

GDPR compiler

We comply with European data protection regulations.

Supplements data

Expand the information of your contacts and we create profiles.

Types of name and surname verification
Validation, fuzzy search and autocompletion

We have three variations on the service to verify name and surname.

Verification Names

This service allows not only to validate names, surnames and detect their gender, but also provides information on the origin of the nickname and its popularity. 

Fuzzy Search

It allows you to validate a name and surname, and to correct spelling and syntax errors. It is intended to validate databases using our name verification API.


It allows you to validate a name and surname, and to correct spelling and syntax errors. It is intended to validate databases using our name verification API.

Methods for validating first and last names

Names and surnames can be verified in 4 ways: through files, using our Web interface, using the API Rest or with our form widget.

Verification through Web form

Web-based verification services allow real-time validation of individual names and surnames. It is as simple as entering your first name/surname in the search engine and selecting verify. In a few seconds you will get detailed information about the contact.

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We give you credits to evaluate our solutions

Mass file-based verification

If you want to verify a high volume of names and surnames, the most convenient and quickest way is to use file-based verification. You upload an Excel or CSV file to our platform and in a few minutes you get the verified file.

Servicios verificación ficheros

We give you credits to evaluate our solutions

Process automation via API

If you are going to use name and surname validation services on a regular basis, we recommend using the API. This service automates the entire validation process. An example could be the use of name verification services in Web forms or in CRM or ERP applications. You can also use Zapier to integrate with any application without programming.

Servicio verificación API

We give you credits to evaluate our solutions

Verification in forms

We have a widget for you to check the names and surnames in your own forms. Just paste the verification code and the form will verify the specified fields.

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We give you credits to evaluate our solutions


Our name, surname, gender and country verification service shows more than 500 million records. For each record to be verified we will give you a probability and a ranking of the verified records.

Yes, you only have to register in the portaland you will have free credits for the verification of names, surnames, detect the country and gender of the records. You can evaluate the service via the Web interface or via the API.

On average, real-time verification takes 1-2 seconds to run. The validation time of the files will depend on the number of records contained in the files. We recommend that the files you verify have a maximum of 500,000 records.

Our name verification algorithm uses artificial intelligence to validate names and surnames, including syntactic validation, spelling, comparison with our name database…

The packs are valid for 12 months. As long as you renew before 12 months, the unused credits are accumulated to the new ones.

Our company is located in the euro zone. By regulation we are obliged to comply with the GDPR. This guarantees the ownership of the contacts you publish on our platform as well as establishes a level of security by forcing you to keep customer data encrypted. The files you upload to our platform are only accessible for 1 month, after this date they will be deleted.

If you use the real-time API to verify your contacts, at no time do we keep a copy of the verified records.

You can use the service of verification of names, surnames, gender and country detection 100% through our portal. Here you can check individual records or through files.

If you prefer, you can also use our API to integrate the verification service into your applications and registration forms. We have Excel files, plugins with integrated verification system. Contact us and we will give you a solution to your doubts.

The portal has contextual help where each of the sections is explained. If you prefer, you can access the documentation for a detailed explanation of how the Portal works.

Do you have a large file or need help?

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