Service to validate names and surnames

Servicio validar nombre apellido género

With our service to validate names, surnames and gender detection, you will be able to rectify erroneous records in your database and use the auto-completion function in the forms and avoid errors during the registration process.

Puedes utilizar nuestro servicio para validar nombres vía API o en ficheros Excel a través de una macro.

Over 50 Million Verified Names and Counting!

Easy and Intuitive

API Rest

Coverage of +105 Countries

Companies Worldwide

More than 98%

Guaranteed Accuracy

Why verify the names, surnames and gender of your contacts?

By validating the names, surnames and gender of your contacts, you ensure that the stored data is correct. By personalizing marketing messages, you can address your customers by their first name, last name. You will be able to create an extended profile adjusting your messages and promotions to the gender of your audience.

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How we validate the name, surname and DETECT THE GENDER

We use artificial intelligence to identify first and last names by comparing them to an extensive database of more than 500 million records. Using parameters such as the country, to determine which name best suits each user.

Our system is prepared to validate names and surnames in different languages and for more than 105 countries.


Get information about the gender, country and a percentage of reliability of the validation.


We accurately identify fictitious names injected into your system.


Use our API and validate first and last names using your company brand.


We comply with European regulations on data protection.


Use an Excel file to validate first and last names in your local environment.


You can use the service to validate names and surnames under 2 modalities via API or through Excel files.

Using an Excel, TXT or CSV file, you upload the file to our Excel template that uses the verification API. In a few minutes you will get the verification result. This option is indicated for the validation of names and in a massive way and that is executed in a specific way.

If you need to continuously verify names, surnames, gender or you want to integrate the name verification service with your forms or back-office tools such as your CRM, ERP… Use name validation through the API.

Integrate our service in your Web form, the user when registering will see a drop-down with suggested names, simplifying the registration process and eliminating errors.


Our name verification service is 98% accurate, we use industry best practices and hundreds of customers are proof of that.

You simply have to register in the service and you can already carry out your first name verification. In the free option, the number of names and surnames that you can validate is limited.

The validation of the names and surnames is done in real time, on average it takes about 2 seconds.

To improve the name validation experience in registration forms, a dropdown of possible options is displayed as the user completes the first and last name field.

Our name verification algorithm uses artificial intelligence to validate first and last names, it includes syntactic and orthographic validation, comparison with our name database…

The name verification packs are valid for one year, as long as you recharge in the current year, the verifications do not expire.

All our communications are encrypted using 256-bit SSL. The data of your contacts are stored on servers in the European Union and are kept encrypted following the directives of our privacy policy. They are only accessible by a person with the access credentials.

If the verification is done through the API, we do not store any contact data.

No, the entire name validation process is done on our servers. You only need to publish the list of names you want to verify and we take care of the rest.

You can get help through the chat system that you will find in the blue icon at the bottom right or in the Documentation.

Do you have a very large list? Don’t worry

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