Service to validate telephone numbers from all over the world

Through our API or through files, it verifies  your phone numbers 100% reliably.

With our landline and mobile phone verification service you will be able to find out the status of verified phone numbers in real time, the mobile operator or if the number has been ported from another telecommunications operator.

Verify telephone numbers in real time during the registration process, avoiding the acquisition of erroneous data or validate the telephone numbers of your databases/CRM to optimize the quality of your campaigns.

Over 150 Million Verified Phone Numbers and Counting!

Easy and Intuitive

Using Rest API or Excel file

Used by +350

Companies Worldwide

100% accuracy

Guaranteed reliability

Why validate phone numbers?

By validating the phone numbers, you ensure that you can contact the users who sign up on your platform. It is useless to invest money in capturing “leads” if you cannot contact them later. For the users that you have already recruited, you can use the validation of telephone numbers via files. Know the real number of your active users. Maintain the quality of your database.

With the numbers already verified, you can launch voice marketing campaigs to expand the data of your contacts, obtain feedback or promote and sell new services.

El servicio de verificación de números de teléfono también permite obtener información adicional del número de teléfono. Podemos saber el país, el tipo de línea, operador que la gestiona… Toda esta información nos permite obtener un conocimiento más profundo del usuario.

Verificar números de teléfono y móviles

How we validate phone numbers

Obtaining new contacts is expensive, do not let a mistake when typing the phone number ruin your investment in recruitment. To check an email, we carry out more than 12 tests in real time and cross-check the data with the operators’ databases.


Obtain information about the country, city, operator and type of the line of your phones.


We accurately identify invalid numbers, “disposables” or canceled lines.


Use our API and validate your phones using your company brand.


We comply with European regulations on data protection.


Use the voice channel to complement the information of your contacts.

Phone Verification Types - Excel and API

Phone numbers can be verified in 2 ways. Through files using our Excel interface or using the Rest API.

Verification services via Excel allow you to validate a large number of telephones in a simple way. The phones to verify are defined in an Excel file. This operation is indicated to carry out specific validations. They do not require any technical knowledge or integration.

If you are going to regularly use phone number validation services, we recommend using the API. This service allows you to automate the entire validation process. An example may be the use of telephone verification services in Web forms or in CRM or ERP applications. Without having to leave your usual work environment, you can verify the phone numbers of your contacts.


Our phone verification service is 100% accurate, we use industry best practices and hundreds of customers are proof of that. A real connection is simulated but without actually calling the user’s terminal.

To evaluate the service to validate phone numbers, you simply have to register with the service and you can already perform your first verification of phone numbers. In the free option, the number of phones that you can validate is limited.

The validation of telephone numbers is in real time, on average it takes about 2 seconds. To improve the experience, the validation of the phone number is done in the “background” so that the phone number is validated while the user completes the rest of the form data. If the phone number is detected as incorrect, the form displays an error in the number field for the user to correct.

Our algorithm to validate phone numbers uses more than 12 tests to verify phone numbers, it includes syntactic validation, prefix validation, comparison with invalid phone lists… The verification process simulates a real connection but without actually calling the user .

The phone verification packs are valid for one year, as long as you recharge in the current year, the verifications do not expire.

All our communications are encrypted using 256-bit SSL. The data of your contacts are stored on servers in the European Union and are kept encrypted following the directives of our privacy policy. They are only accessible by a person with the access credentials.

If the verification is done through the API, we do not store any contact data.

No, the entire phone validation process is done on our servers. You only need to publish the list of phones you want to verify and we take care of the rest.

You can get help through the chat system that you will find in the blue icon at the bottom right or in the Documentation.

The packs do not expire when you make at least one annual recharge. The registration of the API has a cost of €65.


















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