Mail verification test

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If you are wondering what else you can do for your marketing campaigns to make sure that your message is being sent to real customers and not to invalid email addresses, the best idea you could have is to invest in a test to verify mail.

Our tool will use the smartest ways to ensure that your database is free of invalid email addresses.

An important fact to keep in mind regarding your database is that it must be constantly updated to keep email addresses free of spam trap mails. It is not enough to simply add more addresses. You must also find out which email addresses are valid and which ones are no longer active and should be deleted. We are talking about duplicates, unreachable addresses or those that do not meet certain standards. Either way, at the end of the verification process, you will be left with a list that you can really trust.

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Types of validation

We have 4 methods for email address verification. The methods are not mutually exclusive and can be applied simultaneously.

Individual verification via Web

Verify individual email addresses accurately and quickly. Our web-based verification service allows you to validate each email address in real time. Simply enter the address in the search engine and select “verify”.

In seconds, you will receive detailed and reliable information. Ideal for companies looking for timely checks and to avoid spam. Ensure the effectiveness of your campaigns with our advanced system.

Validar numeros de teléfono via web

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Mass mailing address verification

Optimize your time and efficiency with our massive email address verification tool using files. You upload an Excel or CSV file to our platform and, in minutes, you get a verified listing.

Forget the tedious task of manually verifying each address; our solution is fast, accurate and reliable. Ideal for businesses that handle large volumes of data. Ensure the accuracy of your email marketing campaigns today!

Servicios verificación ficheros

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Automation with API

Automate email validation with our Verify Email API. Ideal for web forms and CRM or ERP applications. Even easier integration with Zapier without programming. Improve the efficiency and accuracy of your processes.

Servicio verificación API

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Check on forms

This type of test allows you to evaluate the veracity of an e-mail address directly on a form. There is no need for complex integrations with the email verification API.

Using our Widget wizard, you will be able to generate a verification code to enter in your form. It’s as simple as that.

Validador teléfonos

We give you credits to evaluate our solutions

Despite the fact that there are many different ways to verify email, the most appropriate way to do it is to rely on our software that can do everything it can for you in the shortest possible time. Even if you do not have a large database at the moment, you can still benefit from the many advantages of our verification techniques. The good news is that you don’t have to take our word for it.

You can always take advantage of our special offer that allows you to verify 10 contacts for free. This way, you can see for yourself how this whole process works and how efficient we are at eliminating addresses that can affect your sender reputation. If you have any additional questions or feel that our current packages do not meet your needs, contact us for email verification help ! We are more than happy to help!