How to Verify Mailing Addresses

With our verification services you can professionally validate any postal address. In this section you will see how to verify individual or mass mailing addresses using files and the API.

Why use a professional email verification service

Validating your contacts’ postal addresses is a beneficial practice. Here are the main reasons to do so:

  • Accuracy of information: Postal address validation ensures that the information provided by your contacts is accurate and up to date. This avoids errors in shipments and correspondence.
  • Reduced costs: By ensuring that addresses are valid, you reduce costs associated with returned shipments or failed deliveries, such as reshipping costs and wasted resources.
  • Improve your company’s reputation: Delivering mail and packages in an effective and timely manner improves the perception of your company, showing professionalism and care towards your customers.
  • Avoid legal problems: Some jurisdictions may require verification of postal addresses to comply with legal regulations or standards.
  • Improve customer service efficiency: With valid addresses, you can provide more efficient and faster customer service, as you won’t waste time correcting delivery errors.
  • Accurate market segmentation: Address validation allows you to segment and target your marketing campaigns more effectively, ensuring you reach the right audience.
  • Fraud protection: Validation helps detect false or invalid addresses that could be related to fraud attempts.
  • GDPR compliance and privacy regulations: Validating postal addresses can be useful to comply with data protection and privacy requirements for your contacts.
  • Database optimization: By cleaning and keeping your address database up to date, you ensure that it is well organized and easier to manage.
  • Build customer confidence: By providing an error-free user experience in the delivery process, you increase customer confidence and satisfaction.

In short, postal address validation benefits both your company and your customers by improving accuracy, efficiency and confidence in your business operations.

What do I need to validate postal addresses?

The first thing you must do is to register in our portal. It’s free and you can test our services at no cost to see the accuracy of the email validation services.

Once registered you will see that the platform not only allows you to verify email addresses but also allows you to validate phone numbers, verify names, surnames, detect gender and verify emails.

Verify individual postal addresses

The easiest way is to use the box to verify individual addresses. Here you enter the postal address you want to verify and click the verify button. It will not only verify the address but will complement it with business data, international formats, latitude/longitude… The main values are:

inputGranularity Indicates the level of detail of the input address, based on the analysis of the address, without performing validation. For example, these properties may include “PREMISE” for an address that resolves to the building level, “BLOCK” for an address that resolves as a block, or “ROUTE” for a detailed address on a route, such as a street, road or highway.

validationGranularity Indicates the level of detail at which the API can validate the address. Note that this level refers to the validated address, not the level of address detail shown in “address.formattedAddress” or “address.postalAddress”.

geocodeGranularity Indicates the level of detail of the location generated by geocoding.

addressComplete Indicates whether the API considers the address to be complete. This means that there are no unresolved tokens (strings or address symbols), unexpected address components or missing address components mentioned in the “address” property.

hasUnconfirmedComponents, hasInferredComponents, hasReplacedComponents Properties indicating whether there are address components that could not be categorized or validated, whether inferred components were added that were not present in the input, or whether address components were replaced during the validation process.

How to verify emails in bulk

If we want to verify a large list of postal addresses, the most effective and simple way is to use a file.

Verify Mailing Addresses Files

We must place the postal addresses in files, one below the other. Postal addresses must share the same column.

Verify Excel Mailing Addresses

Once the file has been uploaded, simply select the column containing the postal addresses and wait for the verification process to complete. The validation time will vary according to the number of addresses to be verified, and can take from seconds to hours. Once completed, you will receive an email to the email account you used to register, notifying you of the completion of the process.

How to validate emails automatically

If you want to automate the validation of your postal addresses, our APIs are the ideal solution. With our system, you will be able to make automatic calls to the APIs to verify the postal addresses of your choice. Each API will show you the number of successful calls and if there have been any errors.

API Check Mail

To facilitate integration, we provide code samples that make the use of all our verification services simple and intuitive, as they share the calls.

If you want to see in action the verification of postal addresses using the three available methods, you can review the video tutorial we have prepared. I hope you like it 😉

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