How to Verify Emails

With email verification services you can professionally validate any email address. In this section you will see how to verify individual or mass emails using files and the API.

Why use a professional email verification service

Using a professional email verification service can be beneficial for several reasons:

  • Improved deliverability: By verifying e-mails, you can identify addresses that could lead to deliverability problems, such as full mailboxes or inactive accounts. By removing these addresses from your mailing list, you improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns or communications.
  • Spam and blacklistingprotection: When sending emails to unverified addresses, there is an increased risk of being flagged as spam or ending up on blacklists. Using a professional verification service can help identify and eliminate addresses that could lead to email reputation problems.
  • Cost savings: By removing invalid or nonexistent addresses from your mailing list, you reduce the costs associated with sending emails to recipients who are not interested or will not receive your messages.
  • Improved open and engagement rate: By having a clean and verified email list, you can increase the open and engagement rate of your email campaigns. This is because your emails will reach active and genuine recipients who are more likely to engage with your messages.
  • Compliance with privacy policies: Using a professional email verification service also helps you comply with privacy and data protection regulations, as you avoid sending messages to unauthorized or incorrect addresses.

Using a professional email verification service can improve the quality of your mailing list, increase the effectiveness of your campaigns, protect you from deliverability and reputation problems. In the following sections you will learn how to verify emails automatically with our API.

What do I need to validate email addresses?

The first thing you must do is to register in our portal. It’s free and you can test our services at no cost to see the accuracy of the email validation services.

Once registered you will see that the platform not only allows you to verify email addresses but also allows you to validate telephone numbers, verify names, surnames, detect gender and verify postal addresses.

Individual mail validation result

The easiest way is to use the box to verify individual addresses. Here you enter the e-mail address you want to verify and click the verify button. The only secure addresses are the “OK” addresses, all other addresses are susceptible to error. The list of values is:

Status Description
ok Everything is OK. The address is correct and ready to receive e-mails
error The server indicates that delivery has failed, but there is no information about the mail.
smtp_error SMTP has responded from the server as invalid or the destination server has reported an internal error.
smtp_protocol The destination server has allowed the connection but the SMTP has closed the session before verifying the mail.
unknown_email The server responded that the message delivery failed and that the email address does not exist.
attempt_rejected The delivery has failed; the reason is similar to “rejected”.
relay_error Delivery has failed because of relay failure
antispam_system Some kind of anti-spam filter is blocking the verification process.
email_disabled The email account is suspended, disabled, or limited, and cannot receive email.
domain_error There is no mail server for this domain. No mail can be delivered
ok_for_all The mail server responds that it can accept any email address associated with the domain
dead_server The mail server is dead and no connection can be established.
syntax_error There is a syntax error in the email address
unknown Mail delivery failed but no reason was given.
accept_all The server is configured to accept any mail, the domain accepts any associated mail.
disposable The mail server is configured to accept mails only for a certain period of time.
spam_traps The email address is maintained by an IPS, which does not select or open emails.

How to verify emails in bulk

If we want to verify a large list of email addresses, the most effective and simple way is to use a file.

Mail validator image using files

We must place the email addresses in files, one below the other. The email addresses must share the same column.

File upload example image

Once we have published the file all we have to do is select the column where the email addresses are and wait for the verification process to finish. Depending on the number of emails to be validated, the process can take from seconds to hours. At the end of the process you will receive an email to the email account you used to register, notifying you of the completion of the process.

How to validate emails with API automatically

If you want to automate the validation of your emails, you should use our APIs. The system allows you to make API calls to verify the email addresses that we pass to it automatically. With each API you will see how many calls have worked correctly and if any errors have occurred.

API Check Mail

We have code examples to make the integration simple and intuitive. We have also encapsulated the API calls to make it even simpler for you to use all our verification services since they share the calls. To learn how to verify emails with our API, access the API documentation for validating email addresses. You can make the calls to verify emails from the page itself using your API codes.

I leave you a video where you can see step by step the verification of emails using the 3 verification mechanisms.

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