Why Verificar Correo Before Sending Mass Emails

When you have invested your resources in a few email marketing campaigns, but have not been able to achieve the results that you predicted, one of the main reasons why that happened would be the fact that you did not verificar correo. Every single database has email addresses that are invalid and that can lead to a higher bounce rate, ruined IP reputation and so on.

The main advantage that you will benefit from when you rely on our verificar email tool is the fact that you will no longer spend as much money on the email campaigns that you work on. That is due to the fact that you eliminate a large chunk of addresses – the ones that will not bring any new leads, but that can do more harm than good. You will spend less on messages that will actually get delivered.

Another reason why you should verify your database is the fact that you will no longer have to guess how many of your messages have reached their destination. After you put our tool to work and use the addresses that are still valid, you will be able to ensure that most of your emails will reach the inboxes of your target audience, thus making it easier for you to reach your marketing goals.

An important fact that you must keep in mind regarding these valid emails is that they belong to people that can become your customers. This means that investing in our validation service means that you will benefit from data quality as well as more opportunities to bring back revenue. Make sure that you validate your database more often than not. For larger ones of at least 1 million addresses, you should consider doing it every two weeks, while small databases can be checked a few times every year.