Validate Phone Numbers with HLR Lookup

validar números de teléfono con hlr lookup

Phone number verification is a critical component for any business that interacts with its customers through calls or text messages. Through services such as phone number verification, companies can validate phone numbers using HLR lookup technology, while saving considerable costs and improving efficiency by avoiding sending messages to inactive or incorrect numbers.

What is HLR Lookup?

HLR, which stands for Home Location Register, is a database that stores information about all cell phone numbers in a mobile network. An HLR lookup refers to a real-time query of this database to obtain up-to-date information on the status of a cell phone number.

How does HLR Lookup work?

The HLR lookup verification allows you to know if a phone number is valid, if it is currently active in a network (connected? absent?), its MCCMNC (Mobile Country Code and Mobile Network Code), IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity), information on whether they have been ported from one network to another (portability), whether they are currently roaming, as well as their relevant Mobile Switching Center.

Why is HLR Lookup Verification Important?

HLR lookup verification is essential for maintaining an up-to-date customer database, preventing and detecting fraud, and optimizing the efficiency of communications via SMS or calls. By avoiding sending messages to dead or wrong numbers, companies can reduce their SMS and calling bills and improve efficiency.

Benefits of using an HLR Lookup Service

Improved Data Accuracy

HLR lookup verification helps maintain accurate customer databases, reduce data errors and improve the overall quality of customer information.

Eliminates Fraudulent Account Creation

HLR lookup services can be used to validate the number provided by customers during online account creation, reducing the need for two-factor authentication and friction during the online customer onboarding process.

Increases Profitability

HLR lookup services help companies optimize their marketing lists, covering both historical data and new customers. By using HLR lookup to identify inactive numbers, you can save money on the costs associated with sending bulk text messages.

Phone Number Verification with Verificaremails

Verificaremails phone number verification service uses HLR lookup technology to validate phone numbers. Our pricing model is transparent and is detailed on our website in the pricing section to verify phones. Although the HLR lookup verification provides more information about the validated numbers. MNP lookup and syntactic verification are also available. These methods are less accurate but offer lower costs.

Comparison of HLR Lookup and MNP Lookup Services from Verificaremails

Verificaremails provides both HLR lookup and MNP lookup services. While HLR lookup provides information on the current status and portability of a cell phone number, MNP lookup provides information on whether a phone number has been ported from one network to another. Both services are essential for effective customer communication management.


HLR lookup verification is an indispensable tool for any business that communicates with its customers through calls or text messages. Through services such as Verifyemails, companies can accurately validate phone numbers, improve communication efficiency and reduce costs associated with sending messages to incorrect or inactive numbers.